All the rules below apply for everyone in this wiki. Please respect them. If you think it's better to add a new or remove an old rule, discuss this on the forum to see what the community thinks of it.


  • Do not use any bad words or foul languages (Doing so will result in a warning which will lead to a 1 week ban). 
  • Do not to insult anyone. Try to be friendly to everybody on this wiki.
  • Do not spam (inserting the same content, word or sentences more than 3 times).
  • Do not vandalize the wiki.
  • Please refrain yourselves from posting personal game information such as Game ID's and/or account name in the pages or comments section of this wiki. Those information are restricted to only wall messages and your own profile.


  • Do not add contents / pages which are not related to the game.
  • Do not add bad words and/or bad pictures to pages.
  • Please label a page with a good title when making pages.
  • Do not vandalize / delete any page contents before consulting an admin or any other senior wiki members.
  • Make sure the page's contents are relevent and are actual contents not false/fake rumours. 


  • Do not add useless/unnecessary categories.
  • Do not use double categories.
  • Don't add bad words and/or pictures to category pages.


  • Don't add bad pictures
  • Don't add pictures which are not about the topic
  • Please make sure that the format are appropriate (preferably .png or .jpeg)
  • Do not add gif format to any pages (except for profile and wall messages)


Vist the page chat rules for details. Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning. If a user break the rules often it's possible for an admin will block this user. If a user spams or vandalize on the wiki it's possible an admin blocks this person directly.

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