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Welcome to



This game has been shut down :D oh well. years of hard work down the drain~

This is a wiki about Mobage's game called HellFire The Summoning.

Anyone who wants to can contribute to help the Wiki grow.

We are still a growing community with 0 active users and 5,514 edits to 314 articles.

Here are a few pages to get you started on understanding the game more.

1) How to Play

2) Evolution

Check out latest events below:


HellFire Trailer!00:44

HellFire Trailer!

Check out this official HellFire Trailer!

Who to Contact?

We are currently looking for more active users to help us build this wiki. Those who are interested can contact :

1) Nlby001 (Founder)

2) GuitarRock (Admin)

3) DoAEnvy (Admin)

Disclaimer: HellFire Wiki is not associated in any official way with DeNA Co., LTD/Mobage, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates. HellFire is a trademark and copyright of DeNA/Mobage and its related entities.
The information available on this wiki are considered Fair Use under US Copyright Law, intended for informational purposes only.

This wiki contains detailed information about HellFire The Summoning.

If you're new here, you can navigate through important sections of the wiki through the navigation button below.

Getting Started
Areas & Zones

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