Magma Dragon Available Now! is a Limited Time Summon held during King of HellFire Special Dungeon event.

The pact uses a Loop Tier Summon concept.

Loop Tier Summon:

Tier 1: 1 SR guaranteed (1X Base Rate*) 300 Moba/Fire Coins.

Tier 2: 2 Cards From Box + 1 SR guaranteed (2X Base Rate*) 500 Moba/Fire Coins.

Tier 3: 6 Cards From Box + 1 Magic Seal + 1 Mission energy + 1 SR guaranteed (4X Base Rate*) 1000 Moba/Fire Coins.

Tier 4: 12 Cards From Box + 2 Magic Seal + 3 Reinforce Soul + 1 SR guaranteed (8X Base Rate*) 2000 Moba/Fire Coins.

(Base Rate*) = Base Rate of getting Magma Dragon.

Magma Dragon Pacts

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